ABC 612 Brisbane Radio Film Competition

By , September 26, 2011 3:05 pm

The ABC 612 Brisbane radio station are calling for short film clips of 15 seconds, to promote the station at the upcoming Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF).

“We are inviting you to put together a 15 second promotional clip that we can use to promote our station prior to film screenings at the Brisbane International Film Festival.

Here at 612 ABC Brisbane, we are always trying to think up ways of promoting 612 ABC Brisbane. This year we thought, why not ask the people that know us best?! Our listeners! We are inviting you to put together a 15 second promotional clip that we can use to promote our station prior to film screenings at the Brisbane International Film Festival. What a way to show Brisbane and the International Film Festival community your movie making talent!”

Here’s what I’ve had creating over the past week. It’s been a good opportunity for me to listen to a quick brief (sans notes) and try to re-create our listeners vision.
Two clips are not my concept, and the rest are. Each day I think of something else, but I am busy setting up my new computer and we’ll see how we go with any more video clips, meanwhile….enjoy. It’s been terrific to be allowed to re-discover my creative mojo.

This clip was made for John @Oztronomer. Concept based on flipping through each Presenter and noting how much value and quality they are worth.

This is for Listener Gary. Simple, concept based on figures and numbers.

Mine, wanted to get behind the scenes showing Presenters in a different light, using in a trendy Iphone application.

Mine, heard this broadcast the other morning and nearly fell out of bed laughing at Mavis! WHAT THE? You never know what you might hear! I also wanted to show each Presenters personal passions, and to understand they are real people with ideas commitments and not robots. I want the listener to look deeper, listen harder.

Mine, had a lot of fun with this, and yes, the tongue is scarey. 🙂 Thanks to my cat for batting at me as I opened my eye, lol, totally unscripted but brilliant. Wanted my sounds of morning, whilst listening to ABC 612 Brisbane’s morning sounds.

Mine, wanted something simple, elegant and silent. Thoughtful. Like all clips, a work in progress.

Made for listener Bob @rastas000 – using his footage showing behind the senes for the Breakfast Team and a unique Spencer Howson view, on-air.

Another, busier version of behind-the-scenes for @rastas000

Wanted to highlight the benefits of being up-to-date listening to 612 Brisbane, with traffic, timetables etc.

Highlighting the Presenters once more with a fun screen.

Another bright n breezy clip.

I wanted to have a bit of fun whilst promoting the concept of anytime, anywhere, listen in etc. And no, you can’t see the out-takes, lol.

Keeping company with 612 Brisbane during the day.

My version of the Old Spice ads. Left in my grinning at the end to show I don’t take myself too seriously. Should it stay in, or out? *ponders editing.

Have YOU made a film for the competition? Feedback welcome.

4 Responses to “ABC 612 Brisbane Radio Film Competition”

  1. still like your morning wake up one thebest, the sights the it.

  2. Ian says:

    Patty, these are very clever little promos – tongue was a bit much (lol) great job, love the traffic and last one especially – Hope they paid you good money for ’em.

    My best to you,

    Ian | Creative Director, Espdesign.

  3. Eric says:

    Are you allowed to send in more than one Video

    • Patty says:

      I doin’t see why not Eric? TYhat’s up to the ABC I guess. Conditions are here:
      “11. While you may enter the competition more than once, you cannot win more than one prize. You must submit a properly completed entry each time you wish to enter the competition.”

      Hope you are also able to submit somwthing too? It’s lots of fun!

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