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Brian Broughan, Amanda Webb, and Duncan Norris – Morticians

By , June 24, 2010 8:21 am

This is an interesting interview aired on 612 ABC Brisbane.

Listen here:

Duncan, Amanda, and Brian

Brian Broughan, Amanda Webb and Duncan Norris are morticians and embalmers. Their work sits somewhere between science and art but what they actually do in the mortuary is still mysterious to many of us, probably because we’d rather not think about it.

Brian has been in the funeral industry for 21 years and now runs his own company, Bayside Funerals.

Amanda, a mortician with George Hartnett Funerals, first undertook work experience in a mortuary when she was 16. Now 22, she sees her work as the best way she can help grieving families.

Duncan has described himself as “Best friend to the dead”. He is a full-time mortician and embalmer at Kenton Ross Funerals.

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